Suzanne Fergus

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

& Coaching

Suzanne Fergus

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

& Coaching


We don’t get a manual to explain how our brains work


Do you get nervous and lack confidence before tests, interviews and presentations? 

Are you experiencing overwhelm, stress and anxiety?

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and not like how you look?

Do you have any habits that are getting in your way?

My training using a range of techniques from coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology means I can use brief interventions to help you resolve those issues.






Hello and welcome to my cognitive hypnotherapy and coaching services that I use to help clients all around the world.  If we haven’t yet met, we can have a free consultation and introduction call.

I am an experienced online therapist and working this way offers immense flexibility. Even if this might be something that you haven’t considered doing before, it works so well and many people are very familiar with working online since COVID-19.

As a senior academic for over 15 years, I have been teaching and coaching in many environments. We can work together through live video via Zoom or Skype.


I had a wonderful hypnotherapy session with Suzanne for stress related issues.

I was feeling stressed particularly at work, I dreaded every Monday. I suffered with shoulder pain most likely linked to the work stress and tension. I knew about hypnotherapy and worked with Suzanne.

She has a lovely reassuring manner and professional approach, putting me immediately at my ease.

Straight after the session I felt very relaxed and as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I’m delighted to say that two weeks later I’m continuing to reap the benefits from my session, with my stress level dramatically reduced. At work there was a new project that would normally have stressed me out. Instead I was surprised how calmly I dealt with it all. I feel like I have found myself again. I haven’t needed painkillers for my shoulder pain either. Wow!

Carol, Healthcare Professional

I was finding it impossible to get any of the masses of information in my head- having no clue on what to focus on and I then effectively spent hours looking at but could not recall when asked using purely rote learning.

After my first session with Suzanne talking about what I currently do in terms of studying and what she advised, I went away to apply some of the skills I had learnt.

I honestly felt enlightened, after feeling so lost in my studies- wishing for the information to get through to me, it finally did- and instead of spending masses of time on a subject learning nothing I found myself studying for only an hour or so and being able to recall what I had learnt.

I have found from our sessions that the tactics I have taken on board have made me so much more confident in my studies

M, Student (Future Vet!)