Learning Coach & Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Learning Coach & Cognitive Hypnotherapist


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Did you know that most learners are spending a lot of time studying but using “suboptimal” study techniques? 

Understand what effective studying means in this excerpt from Dr Suzanne Fergus’ book: Study Smarter.


Learning, Studying & Exams

Discover how to study most effectively so you can tailor your revision strategies in order to optimise your best performance.

Although learning is such a natural experience in our lives, we don’t get a manual for how best to learn. If you are returning to study and taking formal exams, this can feel daunting. There are a handful of common mistakes and suboptimal strategies that when identified and changed, completely transform how we learn. My own research has evidenced this too with the majority of students studying inefficiently using suboptimal methods. 

Exam Confidence & Nerves

Dissolve unnecessary exam nerves, performance anxiety and worries so that you can unlock your confidence and perform under pressure.

Despite all the preparation, what happens in those situations when we have to step up and perform at our best? An exam, an interview, a presentation. Autonomic arousal can help us be ready but too much and we struggle. Nerves, lack of confidence, anxiety and stress hold us back. Stepping outside our comfort zone and we procrastinate or want to run away. A certain level of stress is useful but most people I work with report that stress controls them. 


What is holding you back? Where are you stuck? Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help eliminate unwanted habits such as nail biting, weight problems, emotional eating or fears/phobias.

Using the powerful subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is a great tool to help break problem patterns. It can be like hitting the factory reset button on a mobile device to help deal with any malfunctions or where an app is not working as it should. 

It is a relatively quick process and can transform and change what may seem now to be just how things are.  


I was finding it impossible to get any of the masses of information in my head- having no clue on what to focus on and I then effectively spent hours looking at but could not recall when asked using purely rote learning.

After my first session with Suzanne talking about what I currently do in terms of studying and what she advised, I went away to apply some of the skills I had learnt.

I honestly felt enlightened, after feeling so lost in my studies- wishing for the information to get through to me, it finally did- and instead of spending masses of time on a subject learning nothing I found myself studying for only an hour or so and being able to recall what I had learnt.

I have found from our sessions that the tactics I have taken on board have made me so much more confident in my studies

M, Student (Future Vet!)

I was feeling a bit frustrated with my weight, I knew I was over eating on treats and as a result had put on weight. I knew about hypnotherapy and how it helped to re-wire the mind at a subconscious level. I was curious to try it and Suzanne had a very calm approach. After the hypnotherapy sessions within days I had stopped overeating sweets and wasn’t tempted to buy chocolate in the shops.

Dee, Teacher

Suzanne was the speaker at a Continuous Professional Development event we organised. Her depth of knowledge was obvious, but the way she made it easily relatable to the audience – and even inspiring in what they could achieve – made it a memorable evening.
Trevor Silvester

Director, The Quest Institute

I had a wonderful hypnotherapy session with Suzanne for stress related issues.

I was feeling stressed particularly at work, I dreaded every Monday. I suffered with shoulder pain most likely linked to the work stress and tension. I knew about hypnotherapy and worked with Suzanne.

She has a lovely reassuring manner and professional approach, putting me immediately at my ease.

Straight after the session I felt very relaxed and as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I’m delighted to say that two weeks later I’m continuing to reap the benefits from my session, with my stress level dramatically reduced. At work there was a new project that would normally have stressed me out. Instead I was surprised how calmly I dealt with it all. I feel like I have found myself again. I haven’t needed painkillers for my shoulder pain either. Wow!

Carol, Healthcare Professional