A Personalized Programme (delivered online)

to break you free from that problem holding you back

so that you can perform at your best when you most need to


Whether it’s exam nerves where your brain stops thinking clearly and you want to run away


Or anxiety when presenting and speaking in front of others that causes you to feel physically sick


Or unhelpful habits such as snacking or nail biting that are stopping you to look and feel your best


Then my 30-day transformation programme will stop these negative mind gremlins and put you back on track so you can shine and feel amazing.

As a qualified cognitive hypnotherapist  No matter how your problem manifests, my 30-day transformation programme will get to the root cause of what’s been holding you back.

I can identify very quickly what’s not working for you and help to change your mindset using a range of techniques from neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, neuroscience and positive psychology.

I tailor a personalized plan to target your specific problem and this achieves a more rapid transformation.

  • You may think that right now is how things will always be. That is not true and you can change what isn’t working. 

  • Imagine what it would be like to not have that problem anymore. How would you feel? What would you be telling yourself? What would be different in your life? 

  • Eliminate those nerves and anxious worrying thoughts that create unnecessary blocks to your best performance.

Free yourself from the negative mind chatter and step into your confidence.

Let me introduce myself

Hi I’m Suzanne and I have been working in the world of education, exams and formal presentations for over 15 years.

I am a qualified cognitive hypnotherapist and I help people with their emotions and mindset blocks.

I am a published author of “Study Smarter: a lecturer’s inside guide to boost your grades” as I recognized that we are not given a manual to explain how our brains work.

I recognized that many of the barriers and blocks we face are easily eliminated once we understand how our brains are wired and how we can use that for positive change.    

I love solving problems and I find it hugely satisfying detecting what to change using my transformation framework.

Stopping nail biting was just the first step


Sharon  would get very anxious and worried about so many things including driving somewhere new, meeting new people and presenting to a team.

She would bite her nails daily and she felt embarrassed to show her nails.

Dealing with the nail biting was the first step in Sharon’s transformation and building her self-confidence.

WOW, I am blown away after 3 days and not once feeling the urge to bite and munch my fingers!

Sharon, ex-nail biter

Study breakthrough for trainee vet


I was finding it impossible to get any of the masses of information in my head- having no clue on what to focus on and I then effectively spent hours looking at but could not recall when asked using purely rote learning.

After my first session with Suzanne talking about what I currently do in terms of studying and what she advised, I went away to apply some of the skills I had learnt.

I honestly felt enlightened, after feeling so lost in my studies- wishing for the information to get through to me, it finally did- and instead of spending masses of time on a subject learning nothing I found myself studying for only an hour or so and being able to recall what I had learnt.

I have found from our sessions that the tactics I have taken on board have made me so much more confident in my studies

M, Student (Future Vet!)

Let’s create your personalised plan

to target whatever specific problem is getting in your way

and achieve a rapid transformation

Step 1.

Use the contact me button and send me a message

Step 2.

We have a 15 minute introduction call so I can ensure that this is the right programme option for you and you can ask me any questions.


Step 3.

We schedule your first 90 minute online session – the Magic Wand session.  Following a detailed discussion in this session about your transformation, I tailor your personal plan. 

Personal audio transformation

You get to listen to an audio track daily after session 1 that is personally created for your transformation. This retrains your brain and reinforces the change work from your sessions with me.


Transformation Sessions

After the first 90-minute Magic Wand session, we have two more transformation sessions. A ‘Reset to Factory Settings’ session to declutter any unhelpful mindset programmes and a ‘Mindset Boost’ session that completes and boosts your transformation. 

Weekly Check in

We check in once a week via email or text message so that I am here to help you. This ensures that you are fully supported throughout the programme. 


A personalized 30-day transformation programme (delivered online) to break you free from that problem holding you back so that you can perform at your best when you most need to.


After working together, you will stop any negative mind gremlins and get you on the right track so you can feel confident in any situation.


A personalized 30-day transformation plan


Three 60-90 minute online transformation sessions

Audio track to reinforce and retrain positive changes

Weekly email check in


All this for just £245!


I would love this…what do I do now?


Book a free 15-minute introduction call so that I can make sure this is the right fit for you.