I want to help you sort through what’s holding you back and my experience combines a unique blend of science, teaching and coaching work.

I work with many different issues such as weight management, exam nerves, confidence, stress, anxiety and learning performance.

Being a chemistry lecturer, I am familiar with the common mistakes that learners make and have researched extensively how to study and learn in ways that are most effective. So if you are studying for exams or want to study smarter, I can certainly help you. We don’t get a manual for how to learn and yet we should because most of us are using suboptimal methods. It’s why I wrote a book called Study Smarter. 

I wanted to understand more about human emotions and why we do what we do. So I trained with The Quest Institute as a QCH practitioner. They utilise evidence-based approaches and a peer-reviewed research project demonstrated that, in an average of six sessions, 71% of participants rated themselves recovered, compared to 42% of people using other IAPT therapies for mental health issues. 

I have taken other therapy trainings such as the Jacquin’s Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma so that I can help you with your thinking and create positive changes. 

I have been there with learning worries, weight issues, lack of confidence and presentation anxiety. I almost gave up. I want to help others, the help I wish I could have had when I needed it. 

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