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What does studying smarter mean?

What can we learn from science?

How can we develop a mindset for success?

Knowledge is power. Sharing important concepts in relation to learning, performance and mindset so that others can discover and apply these insights is something I truly value.

The word transformative can get over used today. When students reconnect with their inner confidence, unlock what’s been holding them back and realise they have the ability to learn effectively – they call the experience a personal transformation. 

I have presented to audiences online and in person. My style and delivery is adapted depending on the audience from a more academic focus for educationalists to more story sharing and anecdotes for teenagers and adult learners.



I just wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic lecture you gave – probably the most interesting I’ve attended. You deliver advanced theory in a way that makes sense.

I found the second part of the lecture very interesting. I want to follow your example and include the learning/study techniques. Last year many students complained that they did not have enough time to cover all the material . I hope that your slides will help them learn how to study and really acquire knowledge! 

Suzanne covers everything from how to make the most of lectures, how to take notes, how to revise, how to reference and write essays… the list goes on in a veritable gold mine of information. 

Best thing about this is it’s easy to navigate and offers fantastic examples to put in practice, something not always found in other study books and guides. It’s particularly useful at present during lockdown where so many of us are studying from home!

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