Study Smarter & Exams


Eliminate the mistakes most learners make so that you maximise your results and avoid wasting valuable time.

 Whether it’s exam nerves where your brain stops thinking clearly and you want to run away

 Or anxiety when presenting and speaking in front of others that causes you to feel physically sick

 Or unhelpful stress and worry that stops you feeling your confident self


We can work together online and I always meet every potential client for a no-obligation, free initial consultation. This helps me find out more about what you want to work on, and to see if we are a good fit to work together. 

I deliberately keep my client numbers at a level where I know I can give each of them the individual attention they need and therefore I sometimes have a waitlist.

I can identify very quickly what’s not working for you and using a range of techniques from learning science, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and coaching, I will tailor a personalized plan.

Learning is natural and yet we are not specifically taught how to learn best. My own Research confirms that most learners are using suboptimal methods. They use strategies to study and are unknowingly wasting their time. I can help you eliminate these mistakes and ensure you study smarter. I’ve even written a book on the topic (the book I wish I had as a student)! 

I request that you commit to the process. To feel nervous, apprehensive, or even sceptical at first is entirely normal and this does not mean anything about whether you can change or obtain the results you wish for. 

Sessions are 60-70 mins long with support between sessions via email/messages. We might start out with weekly sessions depending on what you need. 

PAYG: one session is £65, a block of 3 sessions is £185.

Initial Discovery session is free. 

Please get in touch to find out more. 


I was finding it impossible to get any of the masses of information in my head- having no clue on what to focus on and I then effectively spent hours looking at but could not recall when asked using purely rote learning.

After my first session with Suzanne talking about what I currently do in terms of studying and what she advised, I went away to apply some of the skills I had learnt.

I honestly felt enlightened, after feeling so lost in my studies- wishing for the information to get through to me, it finally did- and instead of spending masses of time on a subject learning nothing I found myself studying for only an hour or so and being able to recall what I had learnt.

I have found from our sessions that the tactics I have taken on board have made me so much more confident in my studies

M, Student (Future Vet!)