Weight Management


That sinking feeling when your jeans cut into your tummy and yet the last thing you want to do is to buy a bigger size. Maybe they have shrunk a little bit?  But you know that you want to lose some weight so you can fit into them just right.

Diets are not the answer. Yes they can work in the short term, all happiness removed but who can sustain them longer term? Weight gain is the typical end result of dieting.

Most people know how to be healthy.

Emotional eating, snacking, cake and sweet indulgences will all contribute to weight gain. I can assist you to eliminate any unhelpful cravings so you can enjoy treats guilt free and look fabulous in those jeans.

I was feeling a bit frustrated with my weight, I knew I was over eating on treats and as a result had put on weight.

I knew about hypnotherapy and how it helped to re-wire the mind at a subconscious level. I was curious to try it and Suzanne had a very calm approach.

After the hypnotherapy sessions within days I had stopped overeating sweets and wasn’t tempted to buy chocolate in the shops.

David C